Guaranteed Jackpots Every Day

With our pre-buy schedule our guaranteed cash games just keep getting better!

We've got a new range of daily prizes meaning we dish out £100,000 in cash every month! These games are guaranteed cash prizes and the MUST BE WON no matter how many people are in the room! Tickets start at just 5p for our guaranteed games so there's a price for every pocket. Check out the times and rooms below and make sure you mark your diaries!

Pre Purchase Rooms

Our pre-buy games run at 9pm every night of the week and you can buy your tickets up to a week in advance for these jackpot games so there's no excuse to miss out! Head straight to the pre-buy tab in the lobby to grab your ticket today!

Day Jackpot Card Price
Monday £250 5p
Tuesday £250 5p
Wednesday £500 10p
Thursday £750 10p
Friday £1,500 25p
Saturday £2,000 50p
Sunday £250 5p

Guaranteed Jackpot Schedule

From 9am to midnight look out for our guaranteed jackpot games in the following rooms – Bingo Tastic and Pennies From Heaven.

Time Room How Often Jackpot
  Bingo Tastic
90 ball room
Every 10 minutes  
9am-12pm £10 games
12pm-1pm £25 games
1pm-2pm £50 games
2pm-8pm £25 games
8pm-9pm £50 games
9pm-12am £25 games


Time Room How Often Jackpot
  Pennies From Heaven
75 ball room
Every 15 minutes  
12pm-9pm £25 games
9pm-10pm £50 games
10pm-11pm £25 games



Please note, in the event of a shared win, the cash prize will be split between the winning tickets. Please click here to read the full terms and conditions.