10k xmas

Christmas is fast approaching and to celebrate we have a fab £10,000 Xmas Jackpot to be won to help you kick off in style.

The £10k jackpot game runs at 10pm on Friday 21st December and you can get your £1 cards right now..

It's a 90 ball game with £500 split between all with 1TG, £1,500 for 1 line, £2,000 for 2 lines and £6,000 for the Full House.

Leading up to the big game we can now announce some additional jackpot games from 7pm in Red Carpet Room as an extra Christmas treat.

7pm £25 5p
7:06pm £50 10p
7:12pm £25 5p
7:18pm £50 10p
7:24pm £25 5p
7:30pm £50 10p
7:36pm £25 5p
7:42pm £50 10p
7:48pm £25 5p
7:54pm £50 10p
8pm £250 50p
8:06pm £50 10p
8:12pm £25 5p
8:18pm £50 10p
8:24pm £25 5p
8:30pm £50 10p
8:36pm £25 5p
8:42pm £50 10p
8:48pm £25 5p
8:54pm £50 10p
9pm £100 50p
9:06pm £50 10p
9:12pm £25 5p
9:18pm £50 10p
9:24pm £25 5p
9:30pm £50 10p
9:36pm £25 5p
9:42pm £50 10p
9:48pm £25 5p
9:54pm £50 10p

And that's not all....

There are extra prize games too in Pennies from Heaven from 7pm with Champagne, chocolates and vouchers to be won in games every 15 minutes. Keep your eyes peeled for the games!


Terms and Conditions

1. Promotion for funded players only.
2. £10,000 Xmas Jackpot game runs at 10pm on Friday 21st December 2012.
3. In the event of more than one winner prizes will be shared between tickets.
4. We reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.
4. All promotions are subject to and in addition to the general terms and conditions