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Here you can find out which players have won big in our winners section, brush up on your bingo lingo and find out what all those bingo calls are.


Here at ITV Bingo we love it when our players win big and have fun - after all that's what bingo's all about.

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Bingo Lingo

Are you up on the latest bingo lingo? Don't be baffled by a bingo term again... This is where you can find out what all those slang words mean that you might see in bingo chat. Even if you're not new to bingo, we're sure you'll learn a whole load more phrases and be a real bingo pro!

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Bingo Calls

Garden Gate, Doctor's Orders, Jump n Jive. Make sure you know what all the calls mean so you're first to shout "BINGO!" at ITV Bingo! There's a fun bingo call for every number between Kelly's Eye, number 1 and Top of the Shop, Blind 90!

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Last Updated 30/04/2015