Crazy Bingo

For 3 days bingo is going CRAZY! In the Five Liner bingo room, there are going to be mixed up jackpots from 12pm – 1pm and again in the evening from 7pm – 8pm.

Who knows which line will drop the big prize?!?! We have jackpots from £25 up to £100, but which prize will be won, nobody knows!

Games start from 5p so take a look at the schedules below:

12pm - 1pm

12pm £25 5p
12:06pm £50 10p
12:12pm £25 5p
12:18pm £50 10p
12:24pm £25 5p
12:30pm £50 10p
12:36pm £25 5p
12:42pm £50 10p
12:48pm £25 5p
12:54pm £50 10p
1pm £25 5p

7pm - 8pm

7pm £50 10p
7:06pm £25 5p
7:12pm £50 10p
7:18pm £25 5p
7:24pm £50 10p
7:30pm £100 25p
7:36pm £50 10p
7:42pm £25 5p
7:48pm £50 10p
7:54pm £25 5p
8pm £50 10p


Terms and Conditions

1. Only funded players may take part in this promotion.
2. This promotion takes place from Friday 9th November until Sunday 11th November 2012.
3. We reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.
4. All promotions are subject to and in addition to the general terms and conditions